Wondering what to do with so much changing so fast? Develop futureNOW know how. You’ll be able to reorient your enterprise or organisation so it’s adaptable and resilient.

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Here’s some of my futureNOW thinking. And you’ll learn more when we talk.

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Consciousness Raiser

Discovery:  Enable your teams to see when and where they’ve been part of the future happening before, AND develop their insights to see how they’re part of the future happening NOW

Strategy Refiner

Analyse your organisational strategy against the future NOW. Illuminate how your business or organisational strategy is likely to be affected by how the Future is Happening NOW. Generate a critical mass of understanding of how to respond pro-actively.

Catalyst for Action

Identify initiatives and adaptations and networks that will increase your organisational preparedness and resilience. To start us off, a free 45 min conversation.
   Then, Now and FutureNOW

Then, Now and FutureNOW

See some great examples of  life across a Then, Now and FutureNOW timeframe.  The 1950s-1990s.  The last 20 years.  And now, the present, going forward.  

Mindfields of Interest

Click here for a thought provoking mindfield of resources

futureNOW fiveSIGHT

Five simple steps to help you get better at understanding the futureNOW

Transitions from Now to futureNOW

As we transition from now to futureNOW what will stay the same, what will blend, what will disappear and what will be new?  And how will we manage the tensions between the now and the futureNOW? Click to read more.