Make sense of tomorrow today


Make sense of tomorrow today

I help people make sense of tomorrow today by having conversations about 3F reality, stra’gility, d-eography, and contemporary currencies.

In times of complex and multi-dimensional change, I interpret a diversity of trends, across culture, commerce, community and connectivity, to help people and organisations, both profit and social good, make sense of tomorrow today, and understand what business or activities they could, or should, be in to leverage the full potential of their ideas and assets.

3F reality: futureNOW, futurePAST and futureFUTURE

Stra’gility – strategic agility – keeping your balance, and facing forward

d-eography – the interconnected terrain of disruptive dots, demographics, data, and digital

Contemporary Currencies – Does money still matter most, or are our attention, time, energy and values as if not more precious?

To be able to make sense of tomorrow today, you need to understand:

3F reality – 1: the futureNOW, what’s moving from the margins to the mainstream.  2: the futurePAST, what’s moving from the mainstream to the margins. 3: the futureFUTURE, what’s likely to happen when those under 20 start directing their own lives. And breakthrough technologies change the pace and place of futureNOW trends.

Stra’gility – By asking provocative questions, in a supportive way, and sharing my insights and expertise around innovation and 3F trends, I will help you find answers that enable you to develop strategic agility. Strategic agility is the 21C version of strategy because you cannot plan and execute a strategy that presumes constancy: life is too turbulent on too many fronts. You need stra’gility so you can stay upright and largely facing in the right direction .

d-eography – I can help you understand to-morrow’s terrain by drawing out the implications of connections between ‘dots’ (what seems unusual or weird), demographics (groups of people), data (you’ll be amazed by what’s relevant), digital (of all sorts) and design thinking (empathy for the user).

Contemporary currencies – Like money, we also value our attention, time, energy and values. Is your business costing people more of their contemporary currencies than they want to pay? As we move from a dollars&cents economy to a seconds&dollars economy, I can help you make sense of contemporary currencies.