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About Me

Marianne Doczi

I have an unusual ability to understand how the future is happening now – to see tomorrow today.  I use intuition, observation and analysis to see the implications for the future of emerging activities. I think differently.  I provide fresh ideas. I help people make sense of tomorrow today. You could call me a d-eographer – I help people join the dots, data, digital and demographics to understand the implications, and interconnectedness, of disruption across all sorts of terrain – social, cultural, demographic, technological, economic, and environmental.

By using a combination of provocation, examples, data, humour, and Q & A, I help people understand how the future is happening around them.

Yes, the future’s always uncertain but my insights, analysis and imagination will enable you and your organisation or business to become effective at managing uncertainty.

For over 20 years, I have a track record of working with government, business and creative arts entrepreneurs to strengthen their future-focused resilience.  From running an Innovation Fund and co-creating a computerised Needs Based Assessment programme for unemployed job seekers in the late ’90s; organising the New Zealand Government’s eCommerce summit in 2000; writing a seminal thought provocation ‘Tuning Into Our Times’ in 2006 and ‘Innovation from Everyone and Everywhere‘ in 2008; providing keynotes at the Survive & Thrive Fuelling the Business of Creativity forums for creative entrepreneurs in 2012/13, followed with a report on the implications of 360o futureNOW Digital for creative entrepreneurs in 2014; and hosting a workshop on Contemporary Currencies at Vivid Ideas festival Sydney 2015, I have demonstrated thought leadership around business innovation, digital futures, and social and cultural change.  I continue to work with creative entrepreneurs to help them understand their capacity to develop strategic agility – stra’gility – and understand 3F futures.

In our first conversation you’ll be able to see how my skills and experience can help you and your organisation to become resilient, adaptable and innovative.

I am based in Sydney, Australia and travel internationally for engagements.

You can connect with me on Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.