But isn’t the future ahead of us?

I’m at one with William Gibson, author and coiner of the term cyberspace, who said, “The future’s already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed”.  But in the nearly 20 years since he said this, the future’s become very evenly distributed due to the internet, social media, mobile technologies; changing values, economic, political, and climate patterns.

For example, when did you first:

– see people with smart phones?
– buy or sell something online?
– start recycling materials?
– start hearing that 60 was the new 50?
– know someone who was on Facebook?
– hear about the ageing population?
– go to a farmers’ market?

The pattern of  innovators, from early adopters to laggards is well known. What’s different now is how fast the future spreads from innovators to majority adoption, from the margins to the mainstream.