How I do it

I’ve always been curious, observant, a lateral and eclectic thinker, a ‘joiner of dots’. Someone who asks both ‘why’ and ‘why not’.

Over the last decades as I’ve researched, written, and worked with organisations on futureNOW issues, I’ve developed a track record at spotting how the future is happening already and identifying critical implications for individuals, organisations and government.

My skills include:

–  Asking good questions

–  Conceptual and lateral thinking

–  Innovation change transformation

–  Facilitation

–  Business development

–  Strategic communication design

–  Stakeholder engagement

–  Writing – simple and complex

When we work together, I will listen, discuss, read, question and provoke. I’ll then think, research, come back with more questions. I’ll distill some conclusions and ask more questions. I’ll coach you in how to ask questions and look for ‘the dots’.  In a time of turbulent change, it’s more strategic to know what sort of questions to ask than try for quick answers.  To explore what ‘the dots’ mean, rather than focus on what’s well known.