Enhancing your stra'gility - your strategic agility


What I can do to improve your stragility

In collaboration, we can improve your stra’gility – your strategic agility

Whatever the world we occupy or aspire to in our enterprise, very little in it is stable. It can be daunting to consider all that might be changing, and by how much. But because of the amount of change, you need stra’gility: strategic agility. You need to be able to respond quickly; to change the direction; to test out ideas in a lean and agile way; to create partnerships on a project basis as a way of testing out more permanent arrangements.

I gather insights and data from a diversity of sources. So I can be a great help to you in making sense of what’s going on. I can work with you to see opportunities that lie outside of the business you have been in, or the business you think you’re in.

We can work together as a pair. And, we can work with some of your partners, employees, clients, collaborators and suppliers. whatever the combination, we can;

– Review your strategy to enhance its 3F: futureNOW and futureFUTURE resilience and adaptability
– Stop you getting trapped in the futurePAST by finding insights that make sense with your new 3F perspectives.

– Ensure you optimise your potential to develop futureNOW and futureFUTURE opportunities
– Change the way your organisation thinks about change and innovation


My services are designed around your aspirations, concerns and budget

– Conversation/s to explore semi-formed thoughts and what-ifs

– Provocations to improve your stra’gility. I’ll encourage you to ask questions that lead to more questions before they lead to answers. Answers that come too quickly can often be answers to the wrong questions: the futurePAST.

– Identification of businesses you could – or should – be in to leverage your ideas and assets
– Review of key strategic documents
– What if… provocative explorations of major issues or opportunities
– Facilitation of direction-setting events
– Structured discussions or workshops on defined issues
– Development and facilitation of engagement or collaboration strategies
– Preparation of communication strategies
– Review of social media strategies
– Keynote presentations
– 1:1 or small group coaching