Make sense of tomorrow today


Working together to increase your strategic agility and relevance

My aim is to increase your strategic agility and relevance, whether it’s a through a conversation, a series of ‘provocations’, a facilitated workshop, a keynote presentation or coaching.

We will work together to help you:

– Make sense of tomorrow today
– Manage future change effectively
– Build organisational adaptability and resilience
– Develop futureNOW and futureFUTURE insight capability

All of which means you’ll be able to keep your enterprise relevant to current and potential clients, customers, colleagues and employees

So much is changing on so many fronts it’s hard to know what to alter and what to change radically. How to make sense of the impact of not only digital but increasingly demographic shifts in attitudes and behaviours. Strategies that once made perfect sense no longer do, which is why strategic agility is so important. Strategic agility means you have a mindset that can respond quickly to opportunities, and your enterprise is structured to support testing out possible new products and services without disrupting the whole of the business.

In working with me, you will have the support of an ethical, insightful creative thinker to work through change. Someone who you can use as suits your needs, timeframe and budget. Someone who is only a phone call or txt away to do some thinking while you’re busy running your enterprise.

I’ll be provocative but I’m also patient and supportive.