Attention deserves it

  1. James Samuel 03/06/2016, 4:27 pm Reply

    Well you got my attention, and in a firm but gentle way pointed to a phenomenon that is pervasive and has consumed much of my attention over the past few years. Giving attention to what matters most, having taken the time to identify that first, seems like practical wisdom.

    If it’s online, I’d be very happy to receive an invitation to join you for a conversation about “What matters most?”

    • marianne 03/06/2016, 4:38 pm Reply

      Hi James, welcome and thank you. If you go onto you can register for the conversation on 20 March. And we can “talk” before then so I can give you some background stuff. Just email me at and we’ll start talking. Very excited to have you in the conversation. #spreadtheword #changeforgood I’m in the process of setting up the Changemaker Currencies facebook page so look forward to having something about OOOOby as my friend Huia Lambie was very excited by it in Christchurch.