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Changemaker currencies reveal the true value of values

Give attention to your values so you know "What matters most" and the real value of your values as changemaker currencies

Attention deserves it

Attention is our #1 changemaker currency. Use it to work out the value of your values and get more change from your money.

Changemaker currencies – confessions for a cause

Managing 21st century disruptive changes. Forget 3D, it’s about 3F

We need a way of 3F prototyping, to explore the dynamics between the futurePAST, the futureNOW and the futureFUTURE: aka everyone under 15!

Unlike the Titanic we’re facing an inverted iceberg. So we can avoid it

It's the centenary of the Titanic. But we're fortunate. Our iceberg is 9/10th above the surface so we can take action NOW

The rise of the dr@m@teurs


Here come The dr@m@teurs With the digital universe, we, the people, have got what we’ve been waiting to reclaim. The means and opportunities to realise our artistic creative dreams. To design, make, share, and even sell, our ideas, objects, productions, you-name-it. The revolution in sophisticated yet relatively simple software and social