the futureNOW fiveSIGHT tool©

Five simple steps to help you get better at understanding the futureNOW

1. Start taking more notice of the unusual. When something’s ‘out of the ordinary’, rather than dismiss it, ask yourself a few questions.

2. “Is there any relevant data that I could get hold of? Has anyone done any analytics or research on this? Has it made the media? Is there anything that might indicate there’d been an increase in the number of these “things”, but I’m only noticing them now.?” Google. And google again!

3. Then, ask yourself, “Does the government have a view on this ‘thing’? “Does it have any policies or plans for dealing with it?”

4. Ask yourself, and your networks, “What if this ‘thing’ got more common?” “What are the implications…?” Think laterally.

5. Then develop a ‘light handed’ design for testing out its potential. Think about how you could prototype it. Experiment to find out demand.

With these five steps you’ve got a way of ‘joining the dots’ to help you understand how this futureNOW thing could become BAU. What everybody’s doing. What lots of people want. What will make the world better.

By noticing the unusual and investigating it, you’ll see the possibilities and consequences before most others. So you’ll be able to shape your future.